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Presence describes a fictional story about Jesus’ ongoing physical appearances to three people in a small mid-western town. Under the promise that they may never tell anyone about their experiences, each one meets with Jesus personally and engages the issues in their relationship with Him and in everyday life. Jesus leads them personally and then collectively into the experience of community and discovery of Scripture’s invitation to abundant life through adoption and transformation. Using what we would call spiritual disciplines, He shows them how to experience His Presence in everyday life. Presence deals with spiritual formation but approaches it from the opposite direction. Rather than tell people “how” to experience God, this novel attempts to awaken in both believers and seekers their deep longing for a personal and present relationship that will make them want to learn “how.” The Study Guide, "Discovering Christ's Presence," provides a rich resource for group or personal reflection on the Presence and as a personal devotional guide with extensive use of Scripture.

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